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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

HI all! long time no update liaoz
todae samuel ask y i neva update den i rem. got tis blog lolzz
erm... btw todae juz got photos of jing ler and alvin tan on my hp. Quite okok .
alvin veri veri cute and furnni , jing ler quite funni veri natural.
OH ya! todae we did da literature porject.
Kaylin,shuhui&me +da otahs{yih chyan,shixuan,jingler,alvintan }present a skid lopz .veri furnni
kaylin brought da weddin gown for jingler as he is actin as pinky in da skid .it was quite small for him larx. veri fun ttru out the whole skid .
den after sch , got cji dance so difficult man!
hav to do split ,tis and that. mak until my whole bodi ache man!ok liaoz tt's all for todaez byez!!!