Friday, March 06, 2009


Wed: Steamboat.
Thurs : Sushi buffet.
Fri : A total choc treat.

Thanks so much Clar.
It's really so sweet for you to pop by and leave quietly.
Sorry but, i'm really not someone who is good at consolling.
as you've said, i'm just nothing but full of crap i guess.

And yae, she left a 10 cent coin.
Is it like an emergency coin to call you ? ha.

I hate P.

Okay, A Giant.
A giant-eater.
Not that i eat giant,
but almost hitting on that.

My appetite is like a giant.

Yae, so what you ing?



And i was trying to style my hair and make it look like a hairband.
And apparently, sorta failed and end up having bad hair day,

Just never get enough.

love those blues. Was using the eye shadow from sihui and crystal.
Oh, i miss them.

So steamboat was w lovely!

Gosh, seaweed is GROSS.

The deepfried bun is amazing! and i cant remember how many we ate.

We were like thinking which restaurant to go to. lol.
If there's 20 shops on liang seah street , there'ld be 20 steamboat restaurant :)

So , what're you ing.

okay, i'm a messy eater.
ONLY during steamboat :)


okay, not the first day you know me .

Crystalism! loves!

Satisfied, and i think crystal was SO ASTONISHED by my appetite.

And the next day , went sakae and had 33 plates worth of food w sist.

Dont want to be a giant like me?
You can eat seven joule worth of food ,
and go ahead to be a model,
or a patient in the mental instituition first.
good luck.

Remb, seven joule makes you slim.

XoXo, J.

Let's say..

It'll be so great if everyone is a lil more appreciative and sweet ,
aint it?


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Watch the following vids! Think it's pretty funny!

Ordering macs using rap. Dope man.

Trailer of batman vs ronald macs? something like that.
Th Ronald kept saying REN REN LOO , idk what he meant.
Maybe it was some taiwan inside jokes :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is what you call love.

My Ah ma is so adorable!
She dated me out to bugis!
Damn Cute right!

Camped at her house the whole sunday.

Ignore th smile.

Multi Coloured vest + green mango tank + high waisted shorts.

The simplest luxury;
pork porridge , sunny side up.

well, camera couldnt focus the other way round!
why my lumix like that?


The uber cute ones, the cousins i mentioned previously ^^
I wore my mummy's sandals.

Blow it away.

-To the sour grape eaters:
Just STFU.
If you dint get into your desired course because your grades dint make it.
Or you cant get into the course that i got into, Apparel Designing and Merchandising.
Dont go ard and tell ppl that "Jolene got into a STUPID COURSE!"?
How stupid is stupid? like, wtf.
And it's not like you know a single f about it.
If you can get in th course, den we shall see about it.
and, it's demoralising.

Anw, FYI , it was my first choice okay and i've got 4 As,2 B3 & 1 C for olvls btw.
It's not like i've got 11 As, but shut it.

^Edited the adidas post.

Stop it,
Stop being so demoralising.
I'm worried bout my capabilities.
Shut it.

Monday, March 02, 2009

||| Adidas 60th Party

Happy Birthday Adidas!
The house party was held @ Timberlux Warehouse.
& I spent like 5 minutes in the cab ard havelock rd,cum zouk area to look for the place!
waste $$.
but well, the driver was pretty nice.

They set up the place so damn styled and nice!
There were vespas, shoes,food , drinks , good music..blah..
The decoration concept was just so amazing!

Style man!

Oh yae, the Dj was in a "shoe box"

The runway show.

Dharni doing what he does best.

Pretty Pillars.

Anw, if i aint wrong,
The occasion was celebrated by other countries too @ the same time.
I can only remb Bangkok and manila.
Cool man.


Btw, dont grab any pics.
Mind your hands rot ar!
Upon Arrival of

(girls, i know we dont melt now...)

okay, i dint take this pic luh.
If i am able to go that near to him , zomg.
But my sist DID!!
Look at how intense he was looking @ her. omg.
-Totally envies right!-

Everyone whipped out their shuttles!
*snaps snaps*

Guess what, this was what i captured in attempt of ZOOOMING IN and trying to SNAP EDISON.

Everyone practically chiong/rush towards him man.

Nice peps!

Loves. Thanks sist!

I left @ ard 11.30.
Such a good baby i must say!

saw a senior blogger , will nt really label her as famous luh,
since quite alot of my personal frens dont know who she is.
She looked pretty snobbish & pretentious in real life man.
like quite 恶ed.
well, she's not a blogspot blogger btw :)

Hecks bout her , get a life.

well, pple you dont have to guess who she is.
I'm not stating it in the post which actually means that i wont reveal it la.

Eveyone says such funny yet pretty nasty stuff bout edi.c.

Nicole Chen is hot.
(okay, i know this is random)