Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fall 2011


Colors for this Fall 2011!

Arent they gorgeous?!

From mustard, to warm pinky washes,
and teal to grey quarry and earthy liqueur.

How do we not taste fabulous.

Credit :

Looks I've Created!
(In consideration of Singapore Killer weather)

Fall Blaze
A flash of rocker look and a hint of boho chic.
Using grey hues, chocolaty brown leather to enhance the look, definitely brightens up any skin tone!
Keep in the adds of bright tints to unleash that playful rocker dear you!

For something more college and slightly formal,
We definitely hear birds chipping about LAYERING!
And of course, the nest look is perfect for a summer/fall sunday brunch with your girlfriends or even a sassy hot date.

Lay the Layers
A more proper and professional look without having to whine about throwing all those fun perks away!
Playing with stripes and floral prints.
Juggling with those beautiful Brights of cool hues,
and tinge of pinks, topping with those orange Elie Saab.

How would this outfit not be fab?

And if you are feeling kinda, Arty today,
Try pairing up the brights together and neutralize them with some camel tones!

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