Saturday, March 15, 2008


It doesnt seems so!

I was anticipating for a good rest hollie but it turns out to be hollies is resting!

outing with crystal:)
wholetime lovely.
Went falsie, suki sushi , walk around at cine and heeren . Couldnt walk far as it's raining. And i was so burnt out.

Effects of shunning camera :)

Crystal went with me to do falsie.Thanks so so much. She waited for a hour.


Salmon skin. But was pretty tasty . Yums.


The CRs. heh.

I can like a guy no more.



The ice cream puff that we took like plates after plates.

Candid Loves.


POPIT! it really serves as a stress reliever and it's alright to waste it as its taste is omfg awful.

Crystal had laughed like tha whole day!


Like a baby.

Shall continue some other days.
I feel extremely sick and uncomfy.
Worn out.

I'm supposedly out with jun hong he overslept like so much.
I hate it when i alr applied makeup and end up staying at homee.

It hurts to miss you. I made you my misery.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dennis is leaving for Ns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cries a river.
when he told me two when i asked him in zouk , i tot two months! ):
It's later on . SAD. really sad.