Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flock Cafe

Birthday treatings from Mel.

If you have been on my instagram, my undying love for food has been made apparent.

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// Flock Cafe //

Ps: We went on a weekday.

Has always seen this cafe name floating around on my instagram and thought we should try!

Here's the menu !

I find that the variety for all day breakfast is really niche for weekday.
Not much to choose from, and not to mention. There aint much eggy stuff!!!

But to be fair, this is the weekend menu that looks pretty legit!

So then, we ordered a scrambled egg toast ($7.5) w an additional sausage ($3.5) and pancakes served with strawberries ($9.5)

The only thing that was yummy is only the sour dough bread. The scrambled egg was really so-so. Bland. And I am pretty sure that the sausages that I saw on blogs (which was a big and german looking kinda sausage) were not this tiny frozen kinda sausages.

Not recommended unless you would want to pay for something you totally could cook nicer at home.

But would like to give props to the sourdough bread slice.

Now down to the pancake. The stack was undoubtedly fluffly and the serving of strawberries is generous. But the middle of the pancakes tasted a little uncooked. It had no trace of batter but you just know it. Hmmm. A no no for me.

Would I go back to flock again?
The thing is I am definitely not a fan of their food. But I am willing to give it the benefit of doubt, and be back there on weekends to try their coffee and the egg sally. And that would be if I have no more new cafes to explore.
78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-25
Singapore, Singapore

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