Friday, May 02, 2008

-you're so much love. hope you enjoyed your day. I really like you as a friend:D

May is such birthday boom!
Happy birthday to melford also (:

I sometimes wish that i can mute the people alr me , just like the movie click.

See? this is the super adored label! Pk from my dance team got it for me! Haha. Reminds you of something? Yes, BOLTSOFCROSSES! HELLYO!

Overview of going out with Jason cora yesterday.

- Gg out on a public holiday is almost the very last thing i would do next. ha.

♥ Played with his phone, and the very funky orange shades.
♥ He drove for two hours before we decided on vivo.
♥ We were stucked outside plaza sing for like 20-30 mins just to make a u-turn.
♥ Talked quite a bit. Yeys.
♥ Had subway ,
♥ had ben and jerrys , STRAWBERRYCHEESECAKE, CHUNKYMONKEY(his fav)

He kept saying : " IT'S ALL IN THE MIND.

And he actually gt the grading scheme for ALs. haha.
damn funny, We went round grading those ALs or not , Grade A,B,or C. Apparently , there was one who got U-grade. PITY PITY.

I got a drink from daiso and realised that there was no Strawberry soda anymore! So i got a drink which looks like some energy drink. It taste like - Redbull + 100plus.
So in the end, He came up with REDPLUS (notbad) , And 100 BULLS. I still find it damn funny even after a day . HAHA.

no missing out ethe`real and yxf.

Insanity bomb fluids, addictive yet fatal.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

It seems like , i still cant pull you off my mind.
Stop being a bubblegum , unless you like me.

Can i just cry because i feel like
it? but tearing makes me stress.
It doesnt help.

readers, though there aint much , i know that no one like reading posts like that.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've decided to upload a whole chunk of pictures up my friendster. ha.
It's quite a bit i think.
Human nature , self centered.
Thinking so much for others ,
I just realised that i've got not much heart to heart friends either. Joy o , not. and 116.blahblahblah. I conclude you stay somewhere woodlands. It changes everytime anws , what the fuck is wrong with you? Stop all your insane nonsense . And to people unsatisfied with my appearances and my post , i need not your approval to survive . Stop acting like yo're jealous. Yo hate me? At least you are taking notice of me isnt it? I need no attention of yours as i got my Lovable friends and people who like me. You have bad bad mentality and hard to succeed . May god bless you okay? (: See , i'm so kind.


I seriously miss gg with CRYSTALCHUA! editing:Crystal:)

Gummy hearts.

Bean bean ! I look distorted.

Me,dear,jun he. Quite awhile back.


EMOeee Bryan.

The peach is like on top of th cake!

Pretty , aint it?

This 2 tier cake costs holy $130 and weighs 3Kg.

Axesist and Yan!

Let's ROAR.


Heelo sister!

Flirt with the camera.


Insanity bomb.

Some cam shots.


Brayden , nice name! who's cuter? Brayden or bryan ? TAG!

See , this is only the peach. It not hollow ! It's made up of white chocolate and filled with yummy, fluffy cake!

This , Eternity Sweet Love.

His stories , his field.

Sing with the best vocals!

Finally, you see my Jawsist!

Thanks for th concern friends ,
My legs are Still swollen and i cant climb stairs. HAHA.
It still hurts but still ,
Worry not alright.
I'm gonna miss basketball this wednesday and no more retake of napha for me .

Just like those superficials.