Friday, February 22, 2008

crawled out of the gallow ; escape.


Today ;

It've been such a day .

*BadBad, not to be expected results.

*I lodged a complaint to the town council person for getting paint all over my door and shoes.

*I dun like john lim's SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWMOOOOO and DRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGY lectures. It teleports me to tralalalalala land.

* I hate it when i wished for you, when i know things are impossible.

That sounds so much like i'm a terrible person. but i'm not!

Grins (:

Glad to eat alone for recess . never ate something alone before. adeva and tessa were sitting beside me and not eating. It cheered me up a little!

I had a good nap just now.

i'm actually sad for my just pass results, shows that i'm caring for them .

Gotta the very funny book to read. Ting dear's book!

Initially to have so many programmes tml , but but! There's some supposed to be important parent talk.


ME and ruting taitai. imh!

Me and adeva. MY Recess mate! :D

okays, my recess mates.

some compliment for our class. Look, 4d kinda rocks okays.

Me and Crystal with our qian da thing. Imh!

Who ever understands the agony

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Firstly, last year of new year, i shall wish all luck and loves ♥

And above are some pictures of lion dance and dragon dance that i've experienced .
It's such a cultural performance years after years. Well , it never fails to make me get excited seeing it:)

Have good days ahead,
wont be blogging here much i guess.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


woahs, is my tagboard gonna like become a battleboard?
well well , i 'm pretty amused that the dot is criticising my make up.
Hmm , perhaps i may sound a little egoistic , but i seriously think that my make up is alright, in fact , almost very fine (: I'm wondering how th girls you see , apply their make up . In those typical lian looks ? or , those cheena over-piling colours on their face? mm.

Dearest readers (though there aint much-giggle-) , i'm seriously lazy to blog . APOLOGIES! (:

will update when it's after common test. I never prepare at all ):

valentine's day rocks ♥

to be updated.

red smashing guitar on th way! (: