Friday, June 20, 2008
Be a artyfatsy.

Crosses miss her girlfrens, current and ex classmates, cliques and party animals.
pretty nostalgic.

Dont get too surprised if i were to leave a comment or so alright. I do really miss you.
And it's already long since i've met any of you.
I miss maine, xin , sa , liling.
Amanda, ruting, crystal and those usual girls (alot of them , you know who you are right?)
The clubbing party animals.
And not leaving out Quelic.

day 1

How i wish i can bend like her. totally envy.

Look so round like a hammy.


More pictures but a lil too lazy you know!

It may be up high in some mountain , or hill or whatsoever, it's warm .

I know why i'm sick - derprive of good rest):
or should i say i'm really allergic to school? yes, i probably am.

oh yae, you may realise that there's some stuff that you gotta click before you enter fully into this blog. It's just to warn those people who hate me like how angels hate devils to get lost. FUGS.

can be natural in terms of appearance, cant be as kosher in terms of treatment.
Stop that drama, bitch.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

it's real pretty. leave a comment or something:P

I fucking hate my hair .
a new short weird hairdo.

Tags reply
L : WHAT F. no interest in whichever porn or what. stop posting links of stuffs like that. Thanks.


Crystal : Yes yes, and it was always fun to discuss crazy stuffs like poking lightsticks up someone's nose! :D

Sher : I've not been studying . Shit.

crystal : Who the hell are you?! unless you're called crystal and make it known that i know who you're , please dont impersonate my lovely. THANKYOU.

xx: I dint say that black is goth . Dont make your definition mine, Thanks. Serve no offence.

CHRISTINE: sure, soon i guess. :)

Sofia : really? nono! back:)

Get me the glamorous sky.
I hope fame wouldn't blind any of you.