Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dotted grammaphone



Ultra love for comfort clothings.
- 'flannel' shoulder dress

- satin high waist shorts

- stripey socks

- red shoes

- pink polka dot , reversible tote (SELF MADE) [FOR SALE]


Ranger Bolt
- Pointy sleeve blue/black stripe dress tucked

- studded Belt

- Blue skirt

-Polka dot grey socks (DAISO)

- My red shoes again,


Handmade A3 Reversible Tote
Picnik collage 1

= Slightly larger than A3 Size.

= Reversible (Dark Beige on other side)

= Can place even your A3 files and all the possible things!

** if you would like another color/ polka dot color , do email me.

Handmade A4 Reversible Totes available @ $19

-Choices of 2 various fabrics


Interested ? Contact me @


Do watch this space!



* thanks daddy and samk for helping me w the pics.

CIMG0034e1Dot those grammaphones.
Dotted, Done.

Monday, November 01, 2010


I experience almost all of the above.
and number 10. can kill me sometimes.