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Saturday, May 24, 2008

241 : LAST POST ; my last 17 minutes.
Apparently , i feel sorta pathetic.
16 , achievements none.
well , i had only a fewww prezzies from unexpected sweets , celebrations with unexpected pple. Nothing with expected ones:)

Thanks, i appreciate them:)
but i 'ld love it even more if it was on the actual day.

/that online person

I had a great day , still , i m afraid of growing up and departing from people.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First birthday prezzie!
yu ai gave this to me. and i was like freak shocked and touched.

It's pretty , isnt it?:))))

Birthday in 3 days.
o levels in 4 days.

-i cant help but feel a lil pressurized.


hand cuffs with metal studdings,
neck cuff with buckles!
lolita top, bottom, coat or boots.
Necklaces .
Ring with exotic design.
Corset tops with bones!
Opi nail lacquer set,
Stila girl makeup.
Good makeup remover.
Carnival lenses ; white pink or red.

Birthday grants;

Be happier than before.
Make more ggfs.
Watch many many gigs and learn.
Be a popper and locker.
Train guitar.
Be a much much better dancer, prevent from further decline.
Perform with rytefully 14 and next team crew successfully.
Perform with band , which i want the name to be PEACE IN CHAOS (Bernice, Kenny,Hafiz)
Study harder.
Slim down.

A birthday greeting from all-of-you-know-who will be a extreme gift alr!



Let me sleep , sink and sing in your arms:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

*It is really devasting to watch the news):
i bet alot of you agree with me too.

woo . seems like most people think that being a nobody with friends is better off:)
oh well , i've been GREATGREATGREAT , minus off all that sore throat, ulcers and COUGH.

`Fnn practical on thursday . will post on it when i get the pictures from glads.

`Sports carnival on friday. omg, it is one of the best event organised by Chungcheng. Really. Been so fun!

This is the trophy for netball champion okay! well , i dint play because i still cant run yet!
My name was on th list, so i got a trophy. I'm damn proud of the girls from greeeen house! ROAR GREEEN!

Okays , later on i got sub in for vb as there were only four people playing. So dun ask why i'm wearing my fav colours to play when the other dun!:D

You shall see the aftermath of my ankle:)

Yey, Vb was so FUNFUNFUN! I served four balls ! and the first ball , was good. aha.


The lot of fun.

Little Precious moments that we shared.

Preparing for tug-o-war.

Let's pull . can see handsome ben infront:)

idk bout this pic but junhe is in there!

4D`08. The amazing people.

Quirky fusion ♥

Clement, i thrust you! haha. anws, this is my dance partner:) adorable!

This leads the following pictures. LAUGHS.

okays, this is a normal ankle.

This is the swollen one after games and numerous handstands.

`Went for freeze mob with my darling girls on saturday. den shop aroudn and met SO many people. heh. den , off to eat ice cream @ holland V.
Alrights, i will post pics tml alright.

Gummy bears are my first candy addiction.

HAHAHAHAAH. i know looks weird. but i was going to bathe . that's why.

Next postings :
-reply to tags:)
-My birthday wants♥
-Fnn practical

I cant help but being all positive.
Joyful vibes.