Saturday, May 12, 2007

first of all,
THANKS ; A BIG THANK to all. : D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket say thanks!

for all that concern provided from uu guys!
rock on,
though the problems are still there,
ii felt much encouraged. : D

it was the "last" paper , monday still having chinese.
(*x.x) and i was left to be at home.
ii hate it lah.
the feeling still there.
ii felt SO SO SO much like crying just now.
but ii tot tt ii shall stay strong,

there's so much in the bottom of my heart,
tt ii'm dying to vomit it out.
ii cant put my hand in my throat and DIG it out.
it's disgusting.
it became heavier as the days goes by.
ii m sinking to a devasted state.

ii aint gonna tell them"ling and qia0"
it's neverr gonna be better.
it may get worsen.

ii felt SO SO SO MUCH LIKE CRYING just now,
amanda was kind enough to offer to call me.
think she's slping alreadyy.
ii wann her to call.
ii feel veryys MYSELF while toking to her lar.
and she's definitelyy a LOVELYY LADAYE.

anws ,
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this is for ONE tai tai tingthesist to see :D

CS3 photoediting.LOLS.
it was ...ARGGHHS.
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ii spent the dae off like that.
where's my frens?
being with themselves?
oh JOY,

`MISSCROSSES. thanks (:


huii` thanks princess! LOVES.

Adeva` thanks love.yea ,ii love youu. we shall resume our girly toks.

;ggrace ` thanks pie. yeas. we love! we smile!

MARYLYN.♥` heees. TUI!

amanda` thanks gal, uu are such a me!

singpohh` gan didi. wala0s.ii just like it nor.

corriine` thanks corrine. ai ni worhs!


sandra` tml maebe gg sentosa wid uu guys! haas, yeahhs, and ii noe ii gotta uu too rites? :D

Thursday, May 10, 2007

oh loveess. ii'm once again here .
having physic andd ii dint even touch my book.
WORSE than chemistry.

ii seriouslyy doesnt noe whyy lar.

ii feel so unhappyy being wid uu gals.

my mood cann be affected by the slightest things uu gals do.

and OBVIOUS, uu gals get veryys sensitive and feel veryys irritated by the most little comment ii made.

whad de fcuk .

ii dunn feel happyy.

ii feel so left out.

ii feel like ii'm there ALONE.

ii feel like crying.

but, ii've to be strong.

ii dunnwanna regret anymore.

ii will just do whadd ii wann to do .

ii just miss those GOOD OLD DAYS, we used to have.

the more tt ii'm too comfortable wid uu gals , perhaps it also shows the more ii dunn feel comfy.


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it's real eyelashes.
`crosses. ii'm out there. so far. remoted. isolated.
p.s / ii aint invisible. ii'm real.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

this was whadd verock said to me::

=( Your blog make me very sad you know. One day you'll realise money isn't everything. True it's impt, but someday you'll realise there are things worth so much more. To you now you might think you really want it, thats because you dont have it. But when you really have loads of it, you would just take it for granted. But then again, money is always never enough to satisfy most people.
Jolene, jia you and study hard. x) You're not a failure. The more you say it, the more it gets to your brain. It affects you somehow, though you think i wont. Yea, but you're a kick ass girl ! =]

wells, ii felt damn touched or whaddsoever lahhs.

now, he is gone forever.

never gonna be mine again.

perhaps ii was wrong to let go, tt time. too easily.

now, thinking and missing.

i feel the ache.sometimes , ii cry . sometimes , it's tt much tt ii cant even cry it out.

oh joy.

exams , yeahhs . are difficult.


i realyy do not want to stae back in sec 3 next year lahhs.

i dint like half of my comp studies? cos ii dint noe how to do.

whad the fcuk ;

forgett it.

have to survive through CHEM , PHYSICS & CHINESE. LOVEES. gonna fail.

OH YARHs. ii got the first lolita in my life. (((:

and it looks like ::

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ii was damn delighted! : DDDDD $ 100 is kinda cheap? for lolita lar. not rich. ii'm DAMN IT BROKE NOW. l0ls.


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good bye long nails. *** my pinkyy wasnt this disgusting like alf black lahh ,it was all black but broke my nail while trying to scrape it off*** eeewks.

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Y sweetest thing tt is possible alive

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skinny reflects on us ;

CROSSES. considered. DEAD. anounced.