Saturday, July 21, 2007

well, can see that my blog is as dead as me yea?l0ls.

ii kinda cant believe that it's THAT dennis that had tagg my blogg.
ii wrote this out here cos ii noe tt he's not gonna come back here alr.

finnally the bazaar is
over (:
yest was such a wasted day manns, ii swear.
ii rushed home , without staying back in school to help grace to look for her minnie.
ii mean how extend could ii be as a fren. ii'm such SUCK.
ii rushed home just to change clothings and supposedly to get down to marina square to celebrate whosoever and whosoever;s birthday.
ENDING UP , we waited for ling at yishun mrt for almost an hour, surving with the lie that she told us that she's reaching soon. ; went marina square just to play a little bit of arcade?
such a waste of time.

MEILING's birthday.
; baked tiramisu.
; new york new york ( cost ard 84$ ++ )
; surprise at esplanade.

free candy floss (:

bid to my candy.

sausage(shared) , fish and chips(ling's), cabonara(qh's)
the fsh&chips is love.

pork chop.penne. (mine)

clockwise - summer cuddle , dark strawberry(mine!) , peachy blahhs.
indulgence within dark strawberry.

pool there. damn cool.


this looks OBSCENE.




was actuallyys tidying my hair and posed. LOLS.

good gals :D

ii love her.

HAPPYY 15th BIRTHDAY! not 51!


we aint crazy, i swear.

bond (:

sleep, my dolly love.

beauty sleep.

good sleeping posture.


pose pose.

qiao hui act cute. l0ls. ii'm caught in act.


prince charming, come come.

lovely darlings.

fishyy fishyy (:

dunn fall within.

Thursday, July 19, 2007
wont be updating over there much though (: is still gonna be my beloved main blogg after YEARS.
never gonna leave uu (:

3D`07 bazaar! come on and let uur kisses turn "SUGAR! , SPICE'D'! , & EVERYTHING NICE!" bet cha had seen this ard the sch?tempted? rush down for the limited edition!.anws, ii made this flier (:

to those pple in 3d`07,

ii'm sorryys if ii had been kinda bossyy this few days regarding the bazaar. sorryys.

let's hope that every thing will running smoothly for us. may the above, bless. (:

in my newly ollected lolita and headress :)

hots for red. (:

fish for me! (:

blogg more next time. got time but dunn feel like blogging.

ii'm so not on beat with everyone else.

the beat that ii'm playing..

gosh, way slow. way wrong.

blocked paths.

gentle moments.

little sun rays had reached.


karma, chastisement , will fall upon.

get the right music,

let rhythm takes me,

be it the tune that fills me.

be on the beat.

`CROSSES. let me be pampered once your arms.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DECIDED. will link everyone by end of july =Z

remind me yeaas?


thanks pple for tagging. LOVE princess sihui! :D alwaes been reading my blogg. CHEEROS.

GRINS* manns. JOY MY JOY! big arse. my dearest mr pek told me that ii could wear my lolita, which in turn I CANT WEAR IT!

MISS FANNY SEE SAID IT'S IRRELEVANT. which ii tot was kinda true.

BUT MR PECKY PEK. feel like so much killing hims.

i gotta a pair shoe in order to match with the lolita. which ii dunn ever think ii'm ever gonna wear it again manns. EEEWWKS.

ii paid my deposit @ ALICE 88 (a lolita shop formerly at ICON , BUGIS) for a REAL LOLITA SHOE. but!, ii seriouslyy dunn ever think tt ii'm ever gonna wear it out? without my lolita.

it's EX for me , but cheap for a lolita shoe.. hmms..


ii need sponser luhs! ):