Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DECIDED. will link everyone by end of july =Z

remind me yeaas?


thanks pple for tagging. LOVE princess sihui! :D alwaes been reading my blogg. CHEEROS.

GRINS* manns. JOY MY JOY! big arse. my dearest mr pek told me that ii could wear my lolita, which in turn I CANT WEAR IT!

MISS FANNY SEE SAID IT'S IRRELEVANT. which ii tot was kinda true.

BUT MR PECKY PEK. feel like so much killing hims.

i gotta a pair shoe in order to match with the lolita. which ii dunn ever think ii'm ever gonna wear it again manns. EEEWWKS.

ii paid my deposit @ ALICE 88 (a lolita shop formerly at ICON , BUGIS) for a REAL LOLITA SHOE. but!, ii seriouslyy dunn ever think tt ii'm ever gonna wear it out? without my lolita.

it's EX for me , but cheap for a lolita shoe.. hmms..


ii need sponser luhs! ):

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