Thursday, May 24, 2007

tt day we went to celebrate qia0 hui's b'day at cafe cartel. (:

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ii edited this.(X.X)
we also clebrated on the actual day lar. haas. and loads of cake smashing was done.BRAVO.

but ii'm sick lar. whole body ache. and denns, it's holidaes!
will upload more! ((((((((((((((((((:


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

lame shit hum ji kia, if ii'm not wrong lar, uu stae somewhere at yishun yeas?
and , please luhhs . do things with class.
if anything not happyy with me just voice it out with uur name clearly stated.i would gladly clarify things with uu in a civilised manner, but pls notice, ii aint gona stoop as low. :D
anyways, my mouth aint fcuking , cos it's aint as low class as uurs.
ii may not be perfect, but some parts of me are pretty awesome. (:
ii can understand not every single human being loves me, so ii've gotta accept it. :D
but pretty please, this is lame arse thing.
and whadd makes uu think tt ii'm a idoit? laughoutlouds.
can uu please define whadd do uu exactly mean by an idoit?
LIKE UU? if tt's the case..uu tink ii'm like uu? ii aint. ii'm not some big fuck lame shit, even if ii was, ii'm one with class (:

**DONT LABEL.AS PEOPLE WHO LABEL, are just tail-wagging dogs.(:

THANKS PEPS WHO TAGGED. SPAMMER, uu pathetic loser(S) , come on out, denn just get lost and fcuk off! WHEES! GET A LIFE. andd tt'll be great , for uu. :D

;GRACE uu've gotta uur happiness , but ii dun ): hees.MISSING HIMS.ALEX ANG.he will be in our harts yeah?

`YOKETING i love my tai tai! yeahs, pearly soya drink!! heees. and KC TOKS? hahs.

`TING DEAR i love my dear, she's the best (: always being there. :D

`HUII ii miissed my princess too! (: uu dint come todae! hmms, yeeahs 25th may's soon!