Saturday, January 05, 2008

HOW is it to recieve a present that consists of a milkbottle containing a REDBRIEF :D
it's for kerwin! ha.
Shared it with ms.
initially wanted to get Gstring. ha. but this is much of a better choice!

This is my BAOMU,nanny.
-he's lost ): WANTED!

i'm gona blog so much lesser anyways, as for i'm pretty up with work!
omigud, i only have got 30 hours for my computer studies coursework .
I've gotta no time to spare! DAMN!

@cheers, where my name was XIULING =.=
This is how ugly i can get. *guilty*

i'm so in love with liling's wallet which had got some weird animal on it. & She bombed my phone again in like freak early morning! HMMMPHs, liling 's a nice person though :)

-iLOVESIHUI&CRYSTAL! they so lovable!

HI PIE!(: thanks for not leaving me out all this while.♥
Thanks ced.

AND, may i noe how many times should i say this again.
hello, i donot know whad's your intentions are, but your malicious comments aint taking much efefct on me luhs. this's just FYI.
& anws, i dont think i look digusting. if you're like disgusted by the way i look , may i understand how are you not puking over your mirror?

`CROSSES;battlefields of mind.

Friday, January 04, 2008

IT's 2008!
ha. gomen , a lil late uhs?

it's secondary 4 this year alr! OLEVELS!
idk why, but sorta can feel the pressure streaming towards us.
It doesnt feels good at all.
well , i swear the hell of my life that i will party and rock like never before after OLEVELS.

i feel abjectly lonely. well ...

i will think of you,
whenever stress applies.
no inkling, & it's stressing me more.
and , i noe i couldnt reach you.
i cant contact you , literally.

CROSSES ; falling apart to have time.

Monday, December 31, 2007


i look a lil ghostly. ha.

I shall strain this man, i really liked year 2007 ! idk why.
and , this is the year that the worst things happened , worst love life and stuffs.
so overall i conclude year 2007 as a fairly terrible for me.

even before year 2008 starts ,
i feel like i do not wanna get to it.
i'm exactly stressed bout this coming year man. so totally.
it's totally gonna rob me from all my bbt time ,
rob me from beauty, rob me from rest and stuffs like that.
how would any single human being like that?
i totally can sense a unwanted aura looming towards me.
wells, i wish lady luck can be with me. seriously.
i want better humanity , better health , better personal financial income. well , sometimes it's not within our control you noe.

GRANT ME ♥ ♥ ♥!

`19hours before 2007 steps into history. and i will leave those sad smileys behind. leave whadever it is , as where it supposed to be.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

vacancy in the hollow hold.
substances abosorbed into vaccuum.
iniation conquered.
left to right,
right to left,
stared into the stagnant cool mist,
black , all black.
All these are nothing ,
empty. without any mass.
hold it with your heart.
and put some into your brain.

went for lewis' gig at dxo with dexter.
People, listen up , MERCY RESTRAINT IS GOOD! :)
it's a band anws. heys,free advertisement leh! haha.

guitarist , i think he's called jeremy. he looks like jay chou.
and this is LEWIS!

Dexter :) he makes great accompany.


`YU; i want to go a step forward. but there's no need.