Monday, December 31, 2007


i look a lil ghostly. ha.

I shall strain this man, i really liked year 2007 ! idk why.
and , this is the year that the worst things happened , worst love life and stuffs.
so overall i conclude year 2007 as a fairly terrible for me.

even before year 2008 starts ,
i feel like i do not wanna get to it.
i'm exactly stressed bout this coming year man. so totally.
it's totally gonna rob me from all my bbt time ,
rob me from beauty, rob me from rest and stuffs like that.
how would any single human being like that?
i totally can sense a unwanted aura looming towards me.
wells, i wish lady luck can be with me. seriously.
i want better humanity , better health , better personal financial income. well , sometimes it's not within our control you noe.

GRANT ME ♥ ♥ ♥!

`19hours before 2007 steps into history. and i will leave those sad smileys behind. leave whadever it is , as where it supposed to be.

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