Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tag more , read more:)
i hope that my posts will get more interesting.
I blog stuffs that i like, and not what you are happy. Unhappy , BYES:)
i like X. as in literally. ):

rice dumplings ! I personalised 17 of them!
They got pretty out of shape! and mini! KAWAII~ 1 for 1.50$

I got ramdom and thought of letting kenn and X try. HAHA. and i even thought of asking crystal to come my ah ma's house to eat.

As i think that i've become a closer knit with my classmates, there's something that i may not said or expressed. I get to like each of you more each day. I get to know you guys more each day. So guys , as i'm trying to start studying ( okays, that's a bluff T.T) , i hope that 4D`08 will wow and impress people as well as ourselves. There is alot who is trying hard to get distinction, but there're pple like me who are giving the slack of their life.

I'm such a zhai nu. T.T

Pictures some oth` days.

4D`08 , I love you.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Very few pics of 1st june. upload another day :)
Tag my tagboard when you visit.

Thanks nao , the vainpot for the manymany gummybears and the card:):)

景;kei. CANDY!
Notice there's a 九on vocalist's back. haha.

Soap . Jason's birthday . He just told me something X.X. ):

翼旋风。zoom in the two pics , can see jieg and jiro's face quite clearly.

That's about it. 1st june was a superb high day luh.
Felt more high than feeding on alcohol.


ROYALUST, take a look.

Crystal and me concluded that S is an extreme lucky person. That's it.
While we are only luck in the world of ours. How great.

There is a mini lizz in my house now, and i saw a chamelon this afternoon. Shit, i'm soemhow fated to them T.T

I'm a total sucka.

And shit damn , as every minute ticks away , i'm actually quite worried.
I'm aware of how lil time i've got left. sigh.

My daddy is gonna go china for ard 2 weeks. How i would miss him ):

Deprieved of x:)

Monday, June 02, 2008

have a look and link us if possible, thanks!
You prolly find some stuffs that suits you most ever! I swear:)

OH gosh , i still cant recover from the total highness of yesterday.
The superband were AWESOME.
Not just yi xuan feng and Ethe`real.
There were a few bands that shocked me.
Screammm was exceptionally good, the guitarist is superb hot. shit, i 'm so lessie.

三月looked so experienced. woot.

They are so hot. Burn you uh!

Some groups of supporters are friendly which is a good thing, but some of them just look so intimidating. Dunnoe wtf that's for.
森林帖 , i tot was 森林站.
Was pretty embarrassed cause crystal , ruting and me were engulfed amongst their whole BIG group of supporters.

Cchy students, support soap aka fei zao uh!
The band leader was from our sch and i bet you guys know him luh.

Shit, i keep thinking of his vocals. Fatal poison! XXXXXXXX

Positive vibes. i've been happy:)
all i lack of is a desired boyfriend now! -LOL

I looked so fake!Shisuta Jaws. outing to fareast.

I will blog with more pictures and about the stuffs that i haven blog about . PHEWS.


Sunday, June 01, 2008


I saw this guy at suntec on 24th, i saw him on the recent friday again. Playing yoyo. Cute.
PS: aint a stalker, my sist took alot of pics of the championship thingy.

I did crazy stuff with jiayan! AHAHAHAHAHH.
Soon soon , a longer post!:D

There, it was. The crossroads. The paths.