Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tag more , read more:)
i hope that my posts will get more interesting.
I blog stuffs that i like, and not what you are happy. Unhappy , BYES:)
i like X. as in literally. ):

rice dumplings ! I personalised 17 of them!
They got pretty out of shape! and mini! KAWAII~ 1 for 1.50$

I got ramdom and thought of letting kenn and X try. HAHA. and i even thought of asking crystal to come my ah ma's house to eat.

As i think that i've become a closer knit with my classmates, there's something that i may not said or expressed. I get to like each of you more each day. I get to know you guys more each day. So guys , as i'm trying to start studying ( okays, that's a bluff T.T) , i hope that 4D`08 will wow and impress people as well as ourselves. There is alot who is trying hard to get distinction, but there're pple like me who are giving the slack of their life.

I'm such a zhai nu. T.T

Pictures some oth` days.

4D`08 , I love you.

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