Monday, January 11, 2010


New collection!!!
only you will have these rings in like 234810525 pple! :D
and it's like oh my, so pretty!!!

I got alot to blog.
and that's why idk what to blog.

-I was not supposed to be in Gems5. because i failed my dance attendance.
That was because i had to work. I was freaking upset that i actually cried till the sun rises, and only had 2 hours of sleep. I know that was plain retarded.

-but crazy happy, bean acced me down to o school. and talked to Gin. and crazy, you have no idea how scared i was. Not gg into details, Gin said yes :)

I am sorry Shing.
To say words that inflicts pain.
My tweet suggests that maybe we should take a break.
But TAKING A BREAK and BREAKING UP is different.
The same whole daily exhausting routine is eating too much love energy that we can feed it.
At least sometimes, not for me.
I have faith, but not in me.
I'm a selfish creature who has much uncertainty.

Passerbys, whoever, you dont know how difficult it is.
not just for me ofcourse,
It's even harder on his part.

I wanted us to take a breather each.
but well,
we're fine.
but i'm sorry to upset you.

A confession of J.Crosses.