Saturday, September 04, 2010

Maybe this love aint worth it.

are listening good.
They have been good.
To the brain and not the heart.

Tell me what have i done.

Remove any connections that has gotta do with me.
So everyone else could be fooled?

I guess, maybe we are meant to lead different lives.

Aint gotta face this attitude, no more.

like a softie when you need it,
chuck it when you're busy.
Sorry, i aint girl like that.
Aint a toy.
Aint a vacant sucker.

I have heart, flesh, bones and possible fats.
I have emotions.
I feel pain when i slash.
I feel ugly when i look.
I feel silly cos i'm fooled.
Just who you think I am.

Breakin this heart again and again.
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Working more than fine.


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this love has taken its toll on me.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Jolene Crosses saying Hi to a freaking 9am to 6 pm lessons!
15 lessons , sleepless nights , 6am morning blues , x2 modules.

I can do it!

Just gotta believe.

Video call snapshot 36

This is one of the reasons ,i miss how sweet you used to be .

Baby, i miss you.
I am not sure if you do.

Caramel Droplets.