Wednesday, August 02, 2006

fade awae

i wasnt feeelin too good yesterdae.becos of sumone.but tt sumone is onlyy partly the reason.
kinda moody.

this morning too.feeling..badd?.not too sure..

madam tin had caught me for my fingernails.den i saiid tt i wasnt suppose to cut my fingernails as it's the 7th month. uu must have seen her face.she gave me that damn ridiculous look.

TANks :: JONATHAN kor!!..
tanks..tanks for beiin so nice..
he gave me a pack of ..hmms..grapes gummy..*yums*yums*

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guess he gave me tt cos he noe tt i'm not feelin too good.
tanks lot!!.
it cheer-ed me up!..
i shared it wid the gals..

i was also kiinda miising suggar..lik how my tiingx dear missed pepper..
hahas..rites dear??
we cant go to our toilet..sobs..
but they wallked passed our class..yays!.
i gave sumting to suggar..hahs..
he gave me sumting to0..
at first i tot it's gonna be sum paper hartts's..

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TANKs alot ..tanks alot suggar..

was kiinda shocked to hav him pass me tt..
tanks alot..

tanks JONathan kor n suggar..
tanks for makiin my dae a beta one.
love ya guyys..tanks for the concern too , tingx dear.