Friday, January 22, 2010

Nothing exact happened.
It's just time that i feel down, and i need a hug.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You crawl.

(will credit pics next time round)

To martin:
One of yous,
I think you dont like me but i dont know.
All the lil things you are doing behind my back.
Hello? Dont you understand people have mouths?
And i really do not understand and appreciate it.
With all the knowledge of these, coming in.
Disappointed. Whathemuthaphuck is wrong.

Ending off this part with,
I'm such a nice friend.
(at least i thought so)

*my waredrobe clash ):
and i seriously think I have very little clothes. but there's no more space.
the fact is, Bboy T is living in there.
okay, matin's concept.

To the back alley, let's blow up some ammo.

If only SG is rich enough to air condition the whole nation.
I really need that.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


  1. COMP. THE ONE I'm using to blog NOW.
- before the typing in the password, there is pop up that says , hello howaeyou.... and it mentioned that it's a three year old girl. and the typing was really messed up.

  1. Studio.
- was calling my dad. no answer, so i locked my phone. Crapped w hup , steph and camillie. Den i realised eh, it was ANSWERED. so i just took the phone up and said hello daddy repeatedly and heard a recording of our conversation just now. SUPER FREAKED OUT.

  1. Drawing.
- Got Yi-zhuo hair appear on the drawing blog.

*hair stand
Got an amulet from mum.
*i hope i'm just paranoid and nothing else okay.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Neon died ):

*remindertoself: needs to take recent pics and upload!!

SHOUTOUT : At least, dress up abit la k.

Drawing Essentials , Visual presentations, No idea in head, Where's makeup?
IS = Damn shatterable.
Oh well, at least lovely classmates and dance mates! :)

Cant wait for this week to end.
End my fatique!
Then start once again.
But i'm so excited, APPAREL PRODUCTION!
heard that we are gonna make skirts. but definitely tough.
No pain no gain.


-contact lens


and i seriously have to stop spending money.
and yes, my clothes are not expensive, but alot of pple dint think so!
maybe, it's not them, it's the person who wears it.
ahhaha. Just kidding.

Some were meant to keep.
Some , only sees you as price tags.
Labels, i dont need them.
Keep them for yourself.
Pretty terrible. and that's sad.

Sometimes, i admit..i do feel lonely.
My love, 4 months and on..

Till then,
Queen J.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


innocence, naive.