Thursday, January 21, 2010

You crawl.

(will credit pics next time round)

To martin:
One of yous,
I think you dont like me but i dont know.
All the lil things you are doing behind my back.
Hello? Dont you understand people have mouths?
And i really do not understand and appreciate it.
With all the knowledge of these, coming in.
Disappointed. Whathemuthaphuck is wrong.

Ending off this part with,
I'm such a nice friend.
(at least i thought so)

*my waredrobe clash ):
and i seriously think I have very little clothes. but there's no more space.
the fact is, Bboy T is living in there.
okay, matin's concept.

To the back alley, let's blow up some ammo.

If only SG is rich enough to air condition the whole nation.
I really need that.


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