Friday, October 19, 2007

my food & nutrition paper scored 64 and it was the highest among the class.
it's was pretty surprising when ruting tai told me.

it's ting dear's birthday now.

the loveliest dear turned 15! (: guys, that's too bad, she's taken.! by mm and me! haha.

i'm damn hooked on NANA. i 'm thinking of getting the same number of ear piercing as the rock nana. (: sachiko is bitch! RANTS! NANAs rock. watashi wa NANA chan desu! hai hai!

linking up people in a short time, please leave your link in the tag board.
`MISSCROSSES.if you know it, possess it then .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

note of the day : ridiculous bitch.
get a life. stop being insecure (:
your acts revealed signs of kiddish , & i think even a teenager like me deal stuffs better than yous (:

; went eunos with chuwen , taitais,amanda, benson.
; took a weird number bus, and i past kaikai's house! was abit high.
; sat bus 854 back to yishun , past a stop that fzy and i boarded b4 and beneo's church.
ironic memories.

my blog is so dead.

my fye results :
╤Elective geog = 28/50
╤Chinese = 44/70
╤physics = 32/50
╤ MATHS 29/100

hate all this arse. i did study . ):

`MISSCROSSES; hate me all you wanted, you're just a pea.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PS; i drew the following pictures in this post. and i quite liked it.


Goals and expections are such far cry.
what is the purpose of having goals when you aint even supposed to reach them.
setting higher aims , means higher disappointment. i'm sorrys if i'm disheartening but human beings are supposed to live up to others' expectations. shit it. and i can clearly stand out and say, i 'm stinking up to whoever's expectation of me.

i'm changing , so much. till i do not understand whad's good for me anymore. i live for myself, anticipate love to shower on me. but obstacles do happen. my human rights are so murdered by assasins like expectations, views and opinions.
i thought that i had always been myself in front of everyone. i do not know why but i felt so exhausted, so sick of everything in life. is being aimless better? or having a goal that you know that you will never get approval better? and when you try to pursue, you would be seen as rebelious.

i'm just a teenager who wanna absorb all the essence of youth , pursue dream and deem respect.
ii've lost it.

i hate life. i hate stacking up my arse to tender into your words.

i'm losing more than i have. so much more. i'm changing , alot. i've became much unfriendlier, fierce, crude, uncouth, bore-so-much-hate. manns, who loves me?

& i dunnoe whad helps.

get lost and stares off me.
ii dun like friends, mine. whad's all this for?
ii aint initiating much contacts to people. be glad if i do so.

and i dun wish to contact those "frens" who are ungrateful , unappreciative and take things for granted. i aint obliged to do whadever.