Wednesday, April 12, 2006


guess wad?? i'm currentliie at home..slackin d0in noting much..
on9 tokin to moii dear, theng theng n ha0 sen{[da tall one!!]}
i'm jealous of his height..hahas..
butt i can neva dream of getTin his height..hahas
2e`06 rawksS..rulesS..onlips da pure ones i mean!! hahas..lols..2e unite oii! hahas..
sick also sick together..i'm feelin co0l now..moii back hurts alot presentllie..near moii kidney there..dunchnoe wad to do lehs..painful man..i feelin sick now!!!
g0rt tw0 daes mc!! rites??

i love u moii dar..i miss u man..i lurbbe da ring!!

i'm bored now..takin temperature currentllie..hahas..

dunn0e if i shld go sch norts tml..hahas..

`_[(Juciiebble miiex)]`_

Sunday, April 09, 2006

tannin rawksS moii world once again!!! weeXx...hate suckerS!....

kaYliN + $un = LOBSTER??!
went suntannin wid kaylin!!it rawksS totalliie!!
da first tingiie tt happened wen we s0rta settlled down at sent0sa was tt moii plastic bag flew awae!
it jus sounds s0 retarded kkaes?? hahas
we were like goin in a wet weather.But it was FUN!!no joke.
we plaed in da superb saltiie water while we waited f0r da sun to cum out.
it finalliie came out after l0ng.
it was wierd of us sittin up n lyin down on 'smo0th sand' wen the sun came n go.
moii wh0le bodiie was lik practicalliie buried orr covered wid SAND!! kaYliN was wOrst kkaes??hahas.
sun+kaylin =LOSTER!!
she might be even redder den a cooked lobster..she was actuallie RAW SALMON.hahas.hEr skin'll be cracked lik mad!!the process ish terribly awfful.
_((to kaYliN:I'm TANNER!!))_