Saturday, September 20, 2008

The legendary white one.

Thanks alot for all individual encouragements.
Sorry .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day less of school = a day less of bad luck.
hence, no bad luck tml.

My calculator screen broke for no apparent reason. It became like that when i came back from the washroom .
If you're the culprit, i'll so make you pay for it, for ruin my mood too. You rot.

thanks people on my tagboard. ARIGATO!
But i really dunnoe what to do when my grades are like, )":

look, i'm on xu zhen rong's blog. LOL.

Here, this is the pic. Look for me:)

Ruting tai , desmondkoh , me. Her dream pic.

Support ethe`real , aka yi shi jie for superband.
Anw, this picture is originated from my lovely, Crystal. Note that.
Love these girls , plus, Ting dear, la jiao lesbo Claire!

This will be how i look if i'm borned in the 60s.

life's like a sparkle.
A minute of glory before death , or even shorter.
life's like a rose.
flawless yet with thorns.
withers as the time passes.
No one remembers.
Alive for a minute,
Death met you next.

butterfly is, but misery.