Saturday, January 28, 2006

had a new de shi fu yeasterdae..

he iish ma volleyball de shi fu...


guess guess who's he ??

he's my xing4 lai2 shi fu which iish heng lai from 2c... hahaz

he's damn pro..lastime from woodlands primari de...

qiao hui provide de wrong info sia..


*//i love u*//*noe ma heart*//

Sunday, January 22, 2006

noe my heart

//*Noe my heart* //*i love u*//
words were for u ..
fone for less den 5 seconds wid ya ish sad was delightful tho..ur existence made me found mine...ur dream became mine...however , ur love for her which was known ..makes my heart realli wounds were caused by u...
every thought of you make me happi yet reminds me of how much u luvs her makes my wounds on my heart rubbed by salt , drown by vinegar, buried under thousand layers of sand and soil ...i 'm tinkin of u every single moment...could u imagine how much i got hurt becos of u...
tinkin of u could be a blessin sumtimes..yet,sometimes it became increasin of wounds added on my heart ..bleedin more...i luvs u...seriousli..
//*noe my heart*//*i love u*//


Memoirs Of A Geisha

WATCh it yesterdae wid kaylin and wenjie bro ..
it is realli nice and recommendable!!

zhang zi yi who was kinda da main character inside leads a terrible life..she is known as Chiyo be4 ahe is geisha..lata she is known as Sayuri .

Zhang Zi yi as an geisha.
painted behind a mask of red and white

tis stori is based one a book which was based on a true story .
it tells pple howhard and miserable life was.
veri nice movie!