Sunday, January 22, 2006

noe my heart

//*Noe my heart* //*i love u*//
words were for u ..
fone for less den 5 seconds wid ya ish sad was delightful tho..ur existence made me found mine...ur dream became mine...however , ur love for her which was known ..makes my heart realli wounds were caused by u...
every thought of you make me happi yet reminds me of how much u luvs her makes my wounds on my heart rubbed by salt , drown by vinegar, buried under thousand layers of sand and soil ...i 'm tinkin of u every single moment...could u imagine how much i got hurt becos of u...
tinkin of u could be a blessin sumtimes..yet,sometimes it became increasin of wounds added on my heart ..bleedin more...i luvs u...seriousli..
//*noe my heart*//*i love u*//

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