Friday, March 20, 2009

I've got SOOOOOOOOOOO much to blog about ,
but i dont bear to!
My previous post is so much fabulousity ;)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Break It.

Radikal Forze RF international JAM (SG) 2009.

okay, i've got alot to blog about,
But i'm so gonna blog about this Jam first.

Anw, ZOUK & ZOO sounded damn alike right?
we got onto this cab .
: Uncle , Zouk.
: Okay, Zooo.
after like 10 mins,
Me: Why the direction like so weird ?
crystal : OMG, imagine he's driving us to zoo!
Me : UNCLE WE'RE GG ZOUK! the one at kim seng!
Uncle : OH ZOUK AR, i tot ZOO?

If in the end we landed up at zoo ,
No tix to get into zouk.
I wont hestitate punching the uncle man.

So, Moral of the story is that,
If not you might end up looking at monkeys.

Yey, totally lucky to get tix!

Crosses. Crystal.
I've got myspace!
Do add me.


Suddenly ,
I went screeching at the top of my voice ,
J: OMG, I THINK I SAW dragon.
c: Where?!
J: -Turns around- and he's gone.
c: Think you'er hallucintating.
J : Omg, M i like possessed?
cause i really tot i saw him.

I cant stress how impressive this boy from vietnam is.
He's only 10 or 13 years old and he does a series of windmill .


Battle starts:

All area from Jap.

Bboy Aya from tw.

And to my extreme pleasant horror,
Guess who did i saw?
DRAGON aka xiao long.
if you guys ever remb,
He's one of my most admired bboy!
I cant express how mad i went when i saw him.
was shaking like f.

Top Coalition.

Red , Nowei, Dragon, Nai.

This is the 10 year old boy from vietnam.

Break it. Some many details in this photo, OBSERVE!

Art, Crosses.

Art and Crystal.

Hehe, Our thai friend :)

From Jap.


All Area.

Katsu and mate doing routine.

woohoo, Bboy You and Katsu.

Bboy Katsu.
Really Awesome.


Top Coalition. (semi finals)

Bboy Aya and Bboy Dragon.

Bboy Art .

Top Coalition.

All Area crew w/o Bboy You , champion of Rf Jam .

TC and bboy Aya :)

Jaws and Dragon!

Crosses and Dragon.
Bboy xiao long from tc.
He's signalling that i'm good! haha.
*Think too much.

Dragon and crystal.
He looks good standing on the right.

Us with Bboys from vietnam :)

All Area ,
The Champion of the night.
They're really AWESOME.



Went REBEL :
(after party )
Thanks to sist that we got guestlist.

Jaws, Crosses , Tsu lin.

My sist sprained her ankle pretty badly.

bboy You and Bboy katsu.

Dj Will was at rebel spinning that night.

Bboy You and Bboy Katsu!

- Dint managed to talk to the busy man felix. ha.
- Thais are pretty agressive.
- Able to go in vip area of zouk and rebel :)
- All participating crews are amazing.

Almost the best day of my life! :)