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Sunday, June 04, 2006



disaster strikes if you try a new skill that you wish to acquire.
waffle making is one of them.
i love waffles! especially those with ice cream!
Gelare is highly recommandable when your taste buds are crying for deserts!

with a new waffle maker that my daddy had bought , jessicaxes sist*will name her as sist in tis blog* , we tried to bake waffles with the watery batter.
steaming , scorching hot!

the waffle maker sucks! super difficult to clean it up!
the w.m(waffle maker) is now left half uncleaned.
in the kitchen.

but the waffles , amazingly , turned out to be tasty.

waffles ?? anyone??

anyway, there are lots of discriminations against some, singers, race and stuffs.

although i did discriminated people against some stuffs, but i really think those discrminated people posesses human rights.a great deal of it.
^remember^ every human posesses HUMANS RITGHTS! mind it.