Tuesday, March 07, 2006

mdm yeo suckxX

havin long hair = gotta be tortured

i reallips cant stand moii stuppiid , trashditional school.
it's lik rubbishiie suckkiie.

long hair-in dance- chinese dance!!-accused- tortured lik mad

i dun lik moii sch.it plainllie sucks moii life . so trashiie .

to get into da veriie topic ish tt i was tryin to tok bout ish tt i was caught plaein volleyball by mdm yeo and me n meiling's intention to shorten da time of chinese dance was den discovered.
wen we were in the dance room,qiao hui came up n loook for us.
tot gort sum good news or wadeva at first.
she said tt mdm ye0 wans to c us.

den she was lik scold scold scold.
so0 ..argh!!
it was alright till da part tt she ish veriie irritatable.
she ish lik forcing us to quit dance n stuffs . sae wad cut hair larhs n stuffs.sae wad we ran awae.
yeaps . i noe i was at fault in da first place.but..haiis...
ling-na n i was lik superb irritated n angriiex..

tears streamed down from our eyes in da toilet. cos we cant contain the fury flame burning in us.
peggie n kyle*sorries *dun reallips noe how to spell* came n toked to us.
i tot they were kinda veriie nice n good..

todae , went wid ben , hui-na , n him..
so furnnie wen hold his hand..qing de n zi xiang was lik hold hand hold hand...
he ish so tall tt wen we holdin hand i walk lik veriie wierd..cos he ish too tall lers...


muacks!!~ love him~ina state of confusion~