Saturday, November 24, 2007



I FEEL DAMN BURNT! this is why i'm hot hot.lmaos.
ALOE, HEAL ME! oh manns, over-application of aloe , is it gonna kill?
my banana boat is finishing like after two days! 230grams of aloevera gel!
i'm using it FAST.

sentosa beach gives you a mind of relaxation! (:

cam whore.(l) click for clearer view, i had pretty long lashes.(r)

i wasnt that red yet(: bods, lols. fat i noe.

ugly lighting, i noe.

serves you from cradle.

GET your fucking arse off.

insufficient of sleep.

pout ; let me blow your mind.

different expressions of life.

spot the colour difference!

a lil pornish, i noe. no intentions to.


yes, retarded.


he's wearing a wig!!

toast to the sisterhood(:

EIKNARF never msg ever since yest, oh wells, i think he wont ever do so again.
above! , grant me boy. yes, just him i guess?

i fell in the trap ,
affairs of heart,
victory to fall.
never truimph.
i made you my misery.