Friday, January 09, 2009

Feeling Lousy.
Was Lousy.
He's lousy

Meow meow meow.
Meow is a noun, verb and adjective.

A vulgar shortform ; to prevent myself saying it literally.

Had always been putting a smiley front.

random : LMF rather than LMG now.;

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There's too too too many stuff to post.
Idk where to start from , & what to start w.

Currently Desire :
- Cold hard cash.
- A new Blogskin
- Photo shoot photos.
- A superb tidy room.
- Determination to cut my nails & play the guitar.

& MEGA mcspicy & MEGA mac rocks.

Therefore , enjoy!
-So much to smile, So much to frown.

Beware of this post ,
It's way random.

When the night is dark...
-thunderstorm & lightning-
In short, bored lah.

We were damn high when we said jiayan. Ha.

This is JiaYan from taiwan who requested a pic w me!
Argh, -Melts- I totally dont mind dating a guy like that.

JJ doing a y-tou's intro when we were in taiwan.
Damn cute! ^^

I miss schooling w this bunch of crazy people.

SHIRO~! Crystal's favourite . hee.
To Crystal :
He looks cuter in real life right?


Lesson to eat Escargots . Ha.


Looks weird ?
yes abit.
I know why! Eyelashes not curled enuf!

Hmm, This tool looks not bad!
*Curl lashes*

EHH!! How to eat!

"Eyelash Curler" work in progress.

Ta dah. Dine in.

Potluck yesterday was awesome!

Questions to you sweethearts
: Do you think it's fine / should I go for him?

`璇. 好想前进.