Tuesday, May 19, 2009


school: 9AM to 6AM everyday. that means i wake @ 6 every single day.
Exhausting like mad.
Dance rehearsals makes me reach home aed 11 plus 12midnight.


I'm so sorry readers!
*Prata addict.
*CNN or CCN day.
*Holqa night cycling.
*Tpde Dance orentation
*KO night. ronald brought the house down,srsly.
well,wait till i'm free.
meanwhile, take care and do be back!

should i go BOTY or KO NIGHT !?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Haters make me famous.

That's optimism.

Needs optimism.
Colour my life yo.

Dont let my mean side surface.
If you know me well enough , you know that isnt very nice.

So , DONT JUDGE if you fucking dont know me.

Dont give me stares like you're raping me.
Dont shoot me disgusting glares , cause i f-ing dont give f.
Dont try to make things sounds like i dont suit any title given to me.
It sounds like you're fucking jealous.
Dont call me names that are negative, karma plays.

Dont judge me becourse you're a nobody to do so.

I dance from within.
Feel it.