Monday, December 31, 2007


i look a lil ghostly. ha.

I shall strain this man, i really liked year 2007 ! idk why.
and , this is the year that the worst things happened , worst love life and stuffs.
so overall i conclude year 2007 as a fairly terrible for me.

even before year 2008 starts ,
i feel like i do not wanna get to it.
i'm exactly stressed bout this coming year man. so totally.
it's totally gonna rob me from all my bbt time ,
rob me from beauty, rob me from rest and stuffs like that.
how would any single human being like that?
i totally can sense a unwanted aura looming towards me.
wells, i wish lady luck can be with me. seriously.
i want better humanity , better health , better personal financial income. well , sometimes it's not within our control you noe.

GRANT ME ♥ ♥ ♥!

`19hours before 2007 steps into history. and i will leave those sad smileys behind. leave whadever it is , as where it supposed to be.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

vacancy in the hollow hold.
substances abosorbed into vaccuum.
iniation conquered.
left to right,
right to left,
stared into the stagnant cool mist,
black , all black.
All these are nothing ,
empty. without any mass.
hold it with your heart.
and put some into your brain.

went for lewis' gig at dxo with dexter.
People, listen up , MERCY RESTRAINT IS GOOD! :)
it's a band anws. heys,free advertisement leh! haha.

guitarist , i think he's called jeremy. he looks like jay chou.
and this is LEWIS!

Dexter :) he makes great accompany.


`YU; i want to go a step forward. but there's no need.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

MANNS, people!
in just a wink , and i really mean a WINK , year 2007 is gonna be a history . No more of this year anymore, nothing is gonna repeat exactly the same this year.
Do some reviews of this year, regardless if it've been good , bad , extremely joyous , happening or ultra emotional . i bet something WOW , revolutional must have happened this year. something atonishing , that have not been expected.

New people that you've met this year, frens that left you . Stuffs that were not supposedly to happened. AWWWS. ):

Damn damn , i 'm feeling damn freaking mixed up . Deploreness surrounds and fill me in man.
Weets, people, really , from the bottom of my heart , Yes , Record your reviews down in a book or just something. but remb to record it in something black and white. as in a hard copy.

YEAR2007 ;
-a year to much to lament , a year too much to smile.

[a series of pictures that witnessed my year(below)]
from jan to march.


THAT's ALL for JANUARY - MARCH 07. i've got more but 'm too tired to upload.

deepest crush for this year - frankie , dfzy.
`XUAN - have you noticed there's not blue sky?