Friday, March 07, 2008

This post is supposedly posted like last week!

Koushin .

To sher : Put your link when you tag. Sweetie(:

To Aneroxic Emo : Stop acting cool and i'll love you!

To Shuang : ZOUK! 4 more days , Zoukies will be in zouk! (: i want someone to send us home ):

To crystal : You're almost the best girl i ever friend. (: LOVES!

Pigging out again! YUMS

I created this for my Cs coursework:) But i'm somehow stucked . (*X.x)

I'm currently in the school's computer lab. School is snatching sleep , holiday from me. It clearly make no difference in having a proper holiday. Well , what to do . Olevel year , Chiong!hmm , but still slacking big time. My favorite boyfriend is waiting for me at home. && his big name is HOMEWORK. F.

bye for now! ciaos.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Emotional lately, cant help it.

what to do.

am i getting weird? ):

-You need not understand.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


If you're just able to sweeten my life abit ,

Alrights, Enough of emo sessions.

04MARCH08 ,
belated BIRTHDAY celebration for Miss ANG!

She's such a cutsie teacher who is just a year older than my sisters. And HELLO MR PEK , UNDER MRS NG & HER GUIDANCE , WE IMPROVED TREMENDOUSLY. Stop all that looks and comments. YOU ACTUALLY SLEPT SOUNDLY DURING ASSEMBLY , shame yo? (:

LOOK i ; sorta, ENJOY~

Me and princess during F&n while Madam Ng yelled the hell out of us.

Credits to CLAIRE(:

Credits to KennyNG.

Crosses , Crys , Sponge!

Zouk with the birthday cake!


You can actually see me with my untidy uni.


Okays, idk why , but this is shuting's leg if i aint wrong. Quite a nice pic! (:

Miss ang & Mrs ng! She is like wondering whad on earth is happening!

The board, Me and ben on right. LOL.

Miss Ang , pulling Mrs ng . Looks quite funny noe. ha.

Click in for larger image. Everyone's so ON about it . Pretty cool i think:) We sang the song as she walked in.

See? She's smiling so broadly.

Walking towards The cake.

Notice her face , and the "HELLOKITTY" on the right. I drew the ribbon!






Then , the mashed up cake!

People settling down.

Yuxuan, YuZhen! she's sweet:)

ME and the Queen who sits beside me! HAZZIE! LOVEHER!(:

Me and maddie! Taiwan Craze ! :D

Tessa, OOh, she's mehmeh. Volcano!

JiaYan, Sihui ,Me, Crystal. ILOVETHEM!


Banana on ear.

Lovely ; CRosses , CRystal.

Many Dears!


Lovelies crystal. photoshoped.
<br>I sealed this post with bliss.
But,Solitary loves me.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

204:Wheets, once again , it's been a joyful day!

Define Joy again , (:

Went shopping with my Jawsist . And to my utter surprise , Sunday is the best time overall to shop man! I insisted that Sundays are for AT-HOME , FAMILY-DAY. But SUNDAYS , Almost Crowd free damn! COOLo!

And i'm so glad that i dint go to the sticky humid market like bugis. if not i think i'm gonna get glooms like other days. Yeys.

went tangs, isetan , far east. with our vouchers . muahaha.

i wanted this cardi so much , but it's a BIGGGGGGG L ! ): and it's not expensive! HOODIE , nike!

CARL's! my first experience.

AND , AND! IT's REALLYREALLY yummy! Greatloves Y

We shopped around the high end make ups . Man , Makeups are so of my weak .

-Stila Foundation instanly melted me.
it totally conceal so perfectly and restores moisture. Totally impressed.

-Benefit design,packaging gets my hands on urge.
The foundation is packed in a case which is a sratch-disk!

-Mac is like luring me.
The fafi edition , damn .

-Shuemura light me up all th way to th rainbow!
Lippies with colours more than you can imagine. though i had wanted a blue one from last year. but BLUE , hard to carry off.

OROR! Channel's foundation? which one ? x.x

My sist got a pair of trackie at topshop , HOTPINK! and it' damnit` Geogorge, HOT.

Girl , you rock so much in my life. So significantly. So much knowlegde. YOUROCK,