Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yes, Wonders.

Wonder girls are made up of these wonders.

I used to ,
Feed on make ups.

One of those easy looks that i've found.
and interpreted ,

= Heavy lined eyes. (not kohl)
= Nude lips

And of course your basic foundation, concealer , etc...

This is after one whole day of activities, so yae, kinda dropped.
Personally, i love pink blushers!
Orange/tan ones creates illusion that my eyes are extreme puffy and swollen.
but such stuff and preference, is really up to you!
And just gotta make sure your eyeline is hard.
Skin, looks powdery/smooth .
AND NUDE LIPS, and i think i ate all my lips foundation.

OMG, no wonder i'm getting fatter!

And i really love this look so much!
It's so achievable and the make up looks subtle.
There's rare glow and brings out our eyes and features so much better.

OKAY. i know cam whore and diverted a little.

If you guys really like this look as much as i do and just cant achieve it,
Feel free to mail me!

Need time and energy.
Queen J.