Saturday, April 12, 2008


Xavier recognised me.
was kinda frenly . Jiro was not as friendly though.

Superband :
Saw Xavier ,
Jiro ,

Ken ,
dan dan ,
Dj wiiliam ,
and a few others that i cant really remb.

Ken got in anws.

It brings back a whole lot of memories of previous when i went gaga over Superband - Lucify .

I dun even know you .
you don even reply comment.
infatuation crisis.
Let it mute .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Read my blog more.


OKAYS , here's a video

This is why you should learn photoshop. ha.

but i aint that pro to do this man.

damn :D


've gotta a series of pictures on facebook which is not on frenster or blog before.

so yae, lovely o.

Click for larger image. Look at Claire's face. Classic :D
This was on her birthday and we stole her key and went her house. heh.
These people you see in there , LOVELY.

Chinese new year's eve.

My aunt and me. I looked so flattened. haha.
Me and beloved granny. I love her max.

Cousin bryan , me , Brayden . They are mixed . Thai and chinese. Cool damn.
They are freaking cute but extremely mischevious as well:)
They break bones too.

Jawsist, Me, Jessist.
On women's international day at indo chine , SWCO.
we were celebrating with the whole singapore women's association can.

It was sorta a big event. INDOCHINE! i've there before! :D
It's such a classy bar like woah.

Christmas candy.
Trust me , no make up:)

Fashionista stockings:)


I seriously got no idea what happened to my hair!

Pout for brayden's birthday! :D

Licks music.

Jessicaxes , Jolenecrosses.

I think i look damn slim eh =X

The people from brunei. Sister's fren. But i seriously got no IDEA that why that guy is standing so near to me . look as if i'm his girly.

Brayden,bryan. The spongebob brothers.

The top notch edvidence of unrequited love.


Aunt and brayden. damn kawaii. my sist says that we look like a family of thai.



Princess. anws, jawsist(left) as well as me are wearing tiara.
DARLING! , see? i've been wearing your tiara. ILOVEYOU.

ME and aunt may. Sweetloves.

Star. Cousin. He looks like wu ke qun.

AS your lips were falling , i pouted.

My Mr lee gg in army . very sad can.
Cut the length,go

Rainbow marshmallows.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

or anything that resembles it.

The sight of you disgusts me.

You push me near hyper ventilation.
I hate you.

I 'm happy for Beyonces knowles.
Blessings for your marriage .
She's the inspiration of dance.
I had admire her since back in primary school.

Till now , i see her with great respect.

Friendships ,
as i said .

Unworthy of tears .
Friends , I ♥ YOU.

Despises Fraudulents.