Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines' Day.

photo: eric.
I edited it okay ^^

V day, is so commercialised.
Why is it must to have a date?

Namely A : Are you gg out?
Me : No
A : Why no? so sad.
Me : Just no.
A : No one date you ar?
Me : ......

The fact is that i dont feel like gg out with anyone except *****(aka APH)

& who says it's a must to be out on Vday?
It's just like any other day for me , i think.
& i'm not sad that i'm not out okay :)
so , get a life. (L).

I haven been blogging much cos there's some problem w the comp or sorta.
Cant see the pics from blogger.

H V D once again , sweethearts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schools' out .

Schools' out 3!
i was a good school girl :)

SinYan went tgt.
To Sy : Since you've made your choice to go jc, please do study hard man!

Joshua too!

And yes, he's the Joshua whose birthday is exactly same as mine!

Sy . Crosses . Clarlynn . Shuang. Alvin.
To clarlynn, shuang, Alvin :
Thanks for coming down and gomen for the trouble.

Yey, Sweet hearts.

Bean . Jasper . Crosses . Danny (Zombie)
Back : Mr tall and "huya" ( HAHAH)


I dint know my hair look so brown and straight! :D

woohoo~ Mr tall.
He thinks that Mr tall sounds weird.
But the fact is that he's really tall PLUS i cant remb his and "huya's" name.

Make me grow taller!


Maybe go wash your mouth w 99999Litres of listerine.

BBT are forever sweethearts.


Monday, February 09, 2009 Make Funny Animation Online
Make me feel better;

Pick a needle.
Choose a spot.
Inject the venom deep & slow.


Shots of pang,
let alone the stings when i mention you.

It's tiring to initiate.
It's mind f-ing to wait.

You totally had the ability to kill.