Friday, August 15, 2008

tag upon reading:)
I need a lil more love. Chu.

Trying to imitate the soap on the tee.
Shout , Fei Zao! :)

Thanks jason Y


This is the expression when you get to hear jam xiao's recording.
Thanks jason for the stuffs.

Soap and yi shi jie had been performing very well this few qfs.
Support them loves.
i think Da feng chui has the potential as well.
Sanyue and screamm has not ben performing up to expectations.
Time for real rocking, as all the remaining bands are pretty good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not a hater ;
I was borned to love.

Omg, did my blog just died?

I love watching olympics! :)

Really sorry that i couldnt make it there and celebrate it with you. Glad that you enjoyed with others. Hearts alot.
I had quite a bad day. but such sweet stuffs cheered me up a lil.

Milk chocolate comb;how sweet.

Brown mummy wrist cuff given by ting dear, Thanks alot dear! Thanks alvinmuthu also.

Dance @ rivervalley high. 8august. HAPPYNATIONALDAY.

With claire. i sorta like her:)

Shun yi , if i aint wrong:)

I love my girls!

The dance perf was a lil screwed up, literally. But i hearts rivervalley's dancers! Hearts dex! there's this locker who is in michael's crew , like impressed. The people serving detention , dance, did popping when they sweep like omg. Francis is cute. ha. :D
Shopped and ate at vivo. Had such a great time with them.

Went Fir's concert @night with jawsist.
i tell you what , i'm in love with her job!

Before the concert.




More picchus next. And yeys, meeting amanda tml,or rather later on:)
it was an exhausting week but i enjoyed.