Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not a hater ;
I was borned to love.

Omg, did my blog just died?

I love watching olympics! :)

Really sorry that i couldnt make it there and celebrate it with you. Glad that you enjoyed with others. Hearts alot.
I had quite a bad day. but such sweet stuffs cheered me up a lil.

Milk chocolate comb;how sweet.

Brown mummy wrist cuff given by ting dear, Thanks alot dear! Thanks alvinmuthu also.

Dance @ rivervalley high. 8august. HAPPYNATIONALDAY.

With claire. i sorta like her:)

Shun yi , if i aint wrong:)

I love my girls!

The dance perf was a lil screwed up, literally. But i hearts rivervalley's dancers! Hearts dex! there's this locker who is in michael's crew , like impressed. The people serving detention , dance, did popping when they sweep like omg. Francis is cute. ha. :D
Shopped and ate at vivo. Had such a great time with them.

Went Fir's concert @night with jawsist.
i tell you what , i'm in love with her job!

Before the concert.




More picchus next. And yeys, meeting amanda tml,or rather later on:)
it was an exhausting week but i enjoyed.

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