Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lessons todae was lik so rubbish-ic
learnt NOTIng.
no much teAching.
butt. I LOVE IT!..

hmmms..tis was all wad da gals (mainliie sheryl) did to my hair..
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sheryl ish a genius.

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bite her.chew her apart.she's wae to0 skinny.

oh ya.. mR white suggar ish lik ..~sweet~
he gave me a lolliie..
n a hartt agaiin..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting white white suggar passed tis lollie to girly suggar.she feels so..So..delighted..happy..=)) a lollie made her dae..=))

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tis is girly suGGAR's magic wand

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..suggariie harttx..


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

personality Analyst of my mom

my mommiie here at home can make a great lierature's just such a pity that she dint study literature last time.she can just blab n another words, NAG. that 's what mommies alwaes do rite? my mommiie does in an unique n personalised manner. she doesnt just nag..but she SCREAMs. i bet she enjoys doiin that. she does that so often that all of us know what's gonna come out next from her acidy mouth. her words are blazing sharp. she can speak , and at the very same time , KILL. i m just so that luckiie tt i revive for like how many times.She also does gossip.Gossip in a real Fiery mode. She ROARS.she's multi talented for i could sae.

our school lost to presby.Steven ish in tt sch.Presby no.6.
yea mann.
me n tingXx dear did a "banner" for pepper n suGGar.
gonna post up the pics next time round. haven take.hahas
but the guyys seemed perfectliie all right okays?
the score was differed by i-tinkK 16 pts?
pathetic.isnt it?
but i tinkK that the guyys played quite well.
no doubts that chung cheng bball ish power larhs!
love em` lotsa.
*not forgetting x`_mR whiTe SUggAR_`x*

was kiinda kana pissed by sumone okkayys.
it's a SHe not HE .
she's lik ..i dunnoe..just PISSED.
tHing's aint anyy perfect in da way of urs, gal.

suGGar was kiinda badd todae.
i asked him if that "banner" ish nice den he saiid :: no.(but in a jokin manner)
he's bad!! hmmms..
but nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu aii.understand?