Wednesday, July 05, 2006

who else can have more reason to eat CHOCOLATE SUNDAE from macdonald's except for me??

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after having quarrelled with ur best friend.

so next time if u c me eating sundaes from mcdonald's , u may be really nice and accompany me to eat.or sumthin lik tt.
dun ever ever come to my face and say:'A pig is thinner than u'.[i noe it]

u mae hav sundae treat all over u.i sae it. i mean it.(if i'm realli pissed)

i mean our friendship STORMED.
with strikin lightning n roarings of thunder.
this is not the first time we had quarrel.
i guess i tok to her 1st the previous time.
i doubt that we wouldnt tok for maebe a few daes ? not worse..few weeks?? few months?? foreva??
-hating me cant make u pretty-