Friday, June 16, 2006

life's boring.
without money.
without real true n great fren.

i noe i m not perfect.
so wat else can i do?
i cant blame pple for not bein nice..cos i aint real nice too.

okAY okaY.
my blaberings stop.

my tagboard is kinda mental.
turnin its back against me.
the computer did too.
everything is so not "smooth" for me.

yea . rite.

oh ya. i saw adraino's blog.


in css, i like renfred.adraino.geraldine.clara. n many more..


i tot they are real great..sorry..should be think.

i m jus feeling down now. feeling superb bored.
qiaohui is now beside me . no no.
she went to the wash her dish.*hahas*
irritating great freak.
she's peeling a grapefruit now!

thinkin of sumone~ hehes..
sumone who dun noe me!!