Saturday, June 03, 2006

cant imagine that i had actually say NO to TANNING!!!

I was actually at dhoby gaut mrt, walking towards the north east line i think , when my sist ask me.

she :still want go sun tan??

me:dunnoe lehs


me:haiiya, dun go le larhs
, tink of all the sweat!!

she:ok lops.dun go barhs.

we went shopping!!


indulging in delicacies..


what a sin!!

somemore, caLOREIES ADDED!!!


Friday, June 02, 2006


Anyone who has got jobs to ntroduce me into??
i need a job badly.

changes in my blog
The address of it did not change,i mean, people who are reading should know.i'm jus trying act as moronic as people who dun understand.
As it is very obvious,the skin of my blog is changed, from a spooky and gothic one to a sweet and lady-liked one.yea.
another thing is that, check out the heart shaped on the links had been increased.
if you wants to be linked.go to tagboard and tag with your blog address.
~the above are jus for blabbering~
the holidays which were highly anticipated,is so boring!
maybe, for me at least.
i want a job , to keep me occupied.
i want a mim.4/per hour job to able to keep me on survival.
it's difficult!help!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

BLO0D test
needle pokin thru the thin layer of skin.
a test tube of bl0od.

i want a job !!
i need monie!
i wants to learn dancing!
if anyone gort any opportunities , must tell me !!
i want lotsa necklace, new clothings , shoes, make-ups!
i want moniie , not trying to say that u guys reading these dun wan moniie.but i need monie!

i'm pathetic.

faReaSt ish a place wid a great deAl of nice stuffs.
no moniie.

endin here.
MONIE- come to miies!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

went to superband to support lucify yest yest was reallips a great one!it was reallips fun!

miies n vic!!his drumming skills is fantastic!;)

miies n SHINYA!! love him!

there are maniie more pictures but blogger seems tt it couldnt upload em`.sads!