Friday, June 27, 2008


sometimes , people just do not know that their little actions mean alot and affects others.

the sexiest.


I love fake eyelashes,
That's not a slut.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My bangs make me look round and ugly ):

Okay , look like
a purple banana

I miss my long fringe which is smooth and straight. F.

Today's chinese oral was an instant killer.

Beef it up using meat water.
This is like water tasting like HOTDOG IN A BUN. it's called meat water.
sound so yucky right? imagine drinking a water that smell and taste like hotdog with mustards and ketchup. gosh. but pretty cool. i heard of this from a second degree blog.

I like talking to people regarding their dreams and targets.
I like to know what people has in their mind.
Had a mini conversation with jj and deedee.

Everyone has dream about getting their first million in their earlies.
Possible? who knows? we evaluated and if you earn $10,000 /month , even without spending, you wont get 1,000,000 even in 10 years.

I dont want things to be just dream , IT A TARGET.
& be fulfiled

I'm not studying, to think that i say so much.
Rosuto desu. yuushisuru. naitekki osore.
Those tears that depicts death.

I think F&N just killed everyone.
Good luck for prelims, sweethearts.

MODAY's Superband.
Was late.
yes i went there as media pass.
So i got in there as if i work there LOL
After long navigating ard, i finally found the theater but i got in the wrong door.
So pratically , I barged into the backstage. I hid at a corner not knowing what to do.
The next ridiculous thing was that i had to go by the backstage later on to reach the other side of the theatre. And i almost ran into the tunnel that lead to the stage.
Finally got my seat.
After everything, went to backstage and went through interview of san yue, soap and yi shi jie.
Jason , and his mr yellow said hi. lol
only kei recognised me. pretty shocking.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just stop spreading your negs comments .
Go read laws of attraction. you probably gather plenty of negative atoms and attract negative happenings. Stop making someone frown . Karma.
i dont give a damn if you care , it's just that it aint me who is loser.If i had regarded black as goth, in your case not. It will look like songka clothes. Oh yar, xx thanks for being an avid reader uh. I'm a friendly person, you dont sound too bad also(:
If my posts dont affect you, stfu. i had ask you to reconsider before coming in here dint i?


tag replies

jon: hi
Fee yawn: heh. i will do so sooon . I SERIOUSLY miss you!
junchuan: haha . copycat. jk.
teeyaa : thanks girl! i will soon link you!
Yoketing: I will see you tml! YEY.
fidiria : Soon. :D
Shihui : you must go for it! i will link soon.
Coraa: Hey dearest! ♥
bernice: yes ! same! haha. stop consoling !cya!
Sofia : Ultimate sweet, heh, never even if you want me too! :D
o : if it was sacarstic , save it. Otherwise, Thanks:D
juan: yes i did.

I like it when i know who is tagging. Anon, get lost.

Soon, afk , mia!♥
read.tag. be intellecture.
i may not be perfect , are you?