Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just stop spreading your negs comments .
Go read laws of attraction. you probably gather plenty of negative atoms and attract negative happenings. Stop making someone frown . Karma.
i dont give a damn if you care , it's just that it aint me who is loser.If i had regarded black as goth, in your case not. It will look like songka clothes. Oh yar, xx thanks for being an avid reader uh. I'm a friendly person, you dont sound too bad also(:
If my posts dont affect you, stfu. i had ask you to reconsider before coming in here dint i?


tag replies

jon: hi
Fee yawn: heh. i will do so sooon . I SERIOUSLY miss you!
junchuan: haha . copycat. jk.
teeyaa : thanks girl! i will soon link you!
Yoketing: I will see you tml! YEY.
fidiria : Soon. :D
Shihui : you must go for it! i will link soon.
Coraa: Hey dearest! ♥
bernice: yes ! same! haha. stop consoling !cya!
Sofia : Ultimate sweet, heh, never even if you want me too! :D
o : if it was sacarstic , save it. Otherwise, Thanks:D
juan: yes i did.

I like it when i know who is tagging. Anon, get lost.

Soon, afk , mia!♥
read.tag. be intellecture.
i may not be perfect , are you?

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