Saturday, August 02, 2008

blogging about Daughtry @ Xanga

went k with ruting tai and crystal lovely. den saw all the following peps, still got moreeee but next time:)

Chyuan darling.

Take 1

Take 2

A final one. He was too tall!

Me and ling.

Junfeng and me! It was his birthday.

My sweetloves!

i somwhat like this:)


2years back, it was another significant day. T.T

ZOMFG, I FEEL BORED. and, not studying.

There's a few movies that are supposed to be good films but i've not watched any of them!
i'm so lazy to do anything else except to be a potato couch , just that my fingers jumps up and down.

My auditions T.T

see, dogo is sad for me too):

Oh yae, internet explorer hates my blog ):

i saw a gummy bear lying around on the table in living room.
I said : HI GUMMY!
he remained motionless.
HI AGAIN!! (like th way tingdear would)
i picked him up (he was a transparent sweetened one) , he was not alive ):
I bet it was my brother in action.

Omg, you pple gotta hear this.
Despite the countless weird encounters of dreams,
like thursdays' ethe`real coming my sch, with ken looking for a nerd girl.

practically i was with two of my frens shopping in japan.
Then we went on a ancient boat by which it is supposed to bring the dozen of volleyball girls to go training. Some asssasins came on board and wanted to kill the coach. CC jumped , almost literally flying and grabbed a gun-knife thingy and killed the coach.
But idk why everyone admire him from then. But he definitely Looked HOT, at least in my dreams:)

own convictions nailed on the cross.
would you say no?
Just before i forget ,
Tessa, bean , sheryl and i got stucked in school like on the first night of this ghostly festival.
`Stayed outside lecture theater to dance until ard 7 to 8 plus.
` all staircase locked
` waited for mr ang to comeback and save us.
`walked 2nd storey linkway and past all labs to the lift.
` and i was singing and i said , " if you know how to sing, sing with me" LIKE ZOMFG, imagine there were really voices.

Friday, August 01, 2008

koushin ai ♥
(from 20july) search for yours!

Verock : Charlie is cute!

stalker jay: i love my boobs too ,bottle?

Meiling: a boring day ? sure or not? heh. loveya.

ben , shuang , ting : thanks sweetloves.

yz : yes, charlie is totally kawaii! haha. my dreams, plenty. hmm , got ming shuang, kaiting and mine :)

Joleen : MIN! cause i went to rebond again(:

Fee-yawn : i never link anyone yet! i'm so sorry! but i still love you!

Junchuan : nahs, it's different. haha. you x-japan lover!

Lsh: i miss princess too! where's your tagboard ):

Shuang : I love nachos with MINIMAL cheese.

Sher: thanks luh , must practice more. i cant feel dance.

Nao : haha, you ass.

sL: Bro where have you been!

Sher : it's damn nice right?o man, i haven been ):

Rachel : hey girl! i will post them soon. nudge me on msn and i will send them to you! hugs.

Shuang : Crazy dodo! it's already with me!:D
juan : kisses and hugs. XOXO:)

is dawn yang in deep shit?

I love food served warm but by the time i finish the food, it turns cold ):

I'm exhausted , literally.

Be my joy, ease the pain.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Of recent;



I havent been blogging properly. HAHA
And i seriously have got no idea what the hell i've been doing.
I thought C star wasnt as bad.

Lucify is still L-O-V-E of the century.
There is such contrast between the bands in superband 2 and lucify.
The music is DIFFERENT, quality , atmosphere.

I saw my ultimate sweet there ♥ this is her super nice piercing! idk what is the name of the piercing.

tears that everyone own.

A drummer? :D

Going to blog on:

Racial harmony day. (i need all pics)

Sist convocation.

Traffic jam , street party 2. ( blog when i recieve pics :)
And outing with lovely and tai. oh man!