Friday, August 01, 2008

koushin ai ♥
(from 20july) search for yours!

Verock : Charlie is cute!

stalker jay: i love my boobs too ,bottle?

Meiling: a boring day ? sure or not? heh. loveya.

ben , shuang , ting : thanks sweetloves.

yz : yes, charlie is totally kawaii! haha. my dreams, plenty. hmm , got ming shuang, kaiting and mine :)

Joleen : MIN! cause i went to rebond again(:

Fee-yawn : i never link anyone yet! i'm so sorry! but i still love you!

Junchuan : nahs, it's different. haha. you x-japan lover!

Lsh: i miss princess too! where's your tagboard ):

Shuang : I love nachos with MINIMAL cheese.

Sher: thanks luh , must practice more. i cant feel dance.

Nao : haha, you ass.

sL: Bro where have you been!

Sher : it's damn nice right?o man, i haven been ):

Rachel : hey girl! i will post them soon. nudge me on msn and i will send them to you! hugs.

Shuang : Crazy dodo! it's already with me!:D
juan : kisses and hugs. XOXO:)

is dawn yang in deep shit?

I love food served warm but by the time i finish the food, it turns cold ):

I'm exhausted , literally.

Be my joy, ease the pain.

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