Tuesday, August 08, 2006

kill me.
tear me apart.
dig beneath my ribcage and search for my heart.
grab it.
with the sharpest objects tt you could find.
poke my heart.
rub it with salt.
submerge it in vinegar.
let it marinate.
kill me.
i dun wanna live.
i'm jus so lik a straw.
spoiling everyone's dae.
havin u to wait,
dint go in the end.
kill me.
chew me apart and find ur mouth oily.

IQ zero.
break my head with a hammer,
n find my brain with broken skull.
eat it if u wan,
if not boil it with the volcano larva.

ii dunnoe wad's wrong.
jus get me off.
ii'm sorry.